Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Catholic, or Orthodox, or what?

We're Catholic, in complete mutual communion with the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is one of the 23 rites that make up the Catholic Church, and the largest of the Eastern Churches sui juris.

We are a Church of the Byzantine rite, and and are Eastern in liturgy, practice, theology, and law, according to our ancient tradition.

Don't you have to be Ukrainian to go there?

No.  Our Church came to Canada from Ukraine, but our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone.  You will be welcome. 

Is Divine Liturgy the same thing as Mass?

Yes.  We worship according to the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, so although the prayers are different, the Sacrifice is the same.  All Catholics may fulfill their obligation at Divine Liturgy.

How long is Divine Liturgy?

Divine Liturgy is about an hour and a half.  

Who can receive Holy Communion?

All Catholics who are properly prepared are welcome to receive. Orthodox Christians are encouraged to follow the Canons of their Church and are welcome to Holy Communion, in the spirit of Oeconomia.

How do you receive Holy Communion?

In the Byzantine Tradition, the Holy Mysteries are in the form of leavened bread, which is cut into particles before it is consecrated and placed into the chalice with the Precious Blood.

When you approach, come up close to the cup.   Tilt your head slightly back, and open your mouth widely.  The priest will place the Eucharist into your mouth using a spoon.  Do not say "amen".  Do not extend your tongue.  Once the priest has moved his hand away from you, close your mouth.  Otherwise, it's very like you might expect.

What can I expect at Sunday Liturgy?

Divine Liturgy is chanted.  Only one prayer is spoken, and all the rest is sung. But it's the same song, week to week, and it's a simple tune, so you'll know it by heart in no time.  Some 80% of the responses are "Lord have mercy".  It's all in the blue book in your pew.  Follow along if you want (Divine Liturgy starts on page 13).  Some people prefer not to follow along but just to take it all in at first.

We make the sign of the Cross from right to left (push, not pull), the opposite of Roman Catholics.  We make the sign of the Cross a lot during liturgy, mostly when making reference to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and generally make a small bow from the waist at the same time.  This is called a reverence and is done as one might genuflect in a Roman Catholic church.

But go ahead and cross yourself the way you are comfortable.  Nobody is expecting you to know all these things on your first visit.  We're just glad you decided to come!

But I'm not an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I'm not Catholic.  Will I like worshipping with you?

That's hard to say.  It's been our experience that the most important part of worship is God, rather than us.  We worship Him in Spirit and Truth and seek first His kingdom.  The rest is up to Him.  And when we stop each week with nothing in mind but to fall down before the Majesty of God, personal tastes sort of fade away as we rest in the Lord.


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